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Our philosophy

The organic vineyard and our philosophy of not doing.

“Every time I find myself motivating the luxuriance of my rows, I try to do
understand what it means to get in tune with one’s own vineyards and work alone when needed. Starting from the belief that everything starts from the root, the the first thing to keep in mind is the management of the soil because viticulture starts from there. Not doing does not mean not knowing and not watching over our rows, but to intervene in the vineyard only when necessary. This explains our choice of minimize interference on the spontaneous flora and fauna of the vineyard encouraging grassing with self-produced seeds on the farm and postponing the as much as possible the mowing after flowering so that the bees present in ours farm can do their pollination work. We have a great one responsibility towards the whole environment and we are convinced that only recognizing the value of our every action we can work respecting it. This is why our philosophy is to intervene in the processing, in the management of water resources and vegetation only when the vineyard needs our support, in perfect balance with the environment. Equilibrium which also manifests itself in the effort to create or rather to return, I pass step by step to a complete company, where flora and fauna coexist in synergy “.

Andrea Mantengoli