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Olio Extra Vergine d’Oliva


Extension of the olive grove: 2 hectares, 630 plants
Age of the plants: from 10 to 50 years
Variety: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino
Pressing: cold Training system: vase
Olive harvesting: manual
Harvest period: from 15 October to 15 November
Average production: 15 Kg. Per plant
Storage: in steel at 18-20 °
Yield: 12 – 14% Acidity: 0.05 – 0.2%

Organoleptic Profile 

Bright green color, intense and fruity aroma, round, clean and persistent flavor, slightly spicy in the finish. Herbaceous hints that recall wild fennel, aftertaste of artichoke and almonds.

Olive groves and vineyards have always alternated in the hills of Montalcino, the soil for its characteristics lends itself in an exemplary way to both crops, over the years the territory of Montalcino has reduced olive production in favor of the more famous Brunello, who by choice, maintains the natural alternation between vines and olive trees, working for the synergy of the crops, obtaining a product traditionally linked to the soul of the Brunello area. From the olive groves of La Serena comes an extra-virgin olive oil with very low acidity and remarkable organoleptic characteristics.

Thanks to its strong perfume and fragrance characteristics, it is ideal for all uses, both raw, where only a few drops enhance the flavor of the dishes, and in the kitchen. Perfect for seasoning all types of soups, grilled meat and fish, salads and vegetables in pinzimonio without neglecting bruschetta and carpaccio. Oil produced from organic farming. Anti-fraud and anti-topping cap. Dark glass bottle