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It was an Autumn of harvest, with an eye to the future and and to cultivations’ biodiversity

This year everyone is harvesting in La Serena, three generations are in comparison. The one who pulls the strings, among the the rows, is Andrea.

It was a very difficult and complicated year, just like we say in Italy “a leap year is a gloomy year” but despite everything it has not ruined the grapes’ quality. The great heat that featured the whole month of August, continued through the start of September, day and night. When it comes to the Sangiovese one should wait and have patience with no rush. September rains have started the Autumn, at last: the chilly nights and the light drizzle have been interspersed with beautiful sunny days in which the harvest happily started. We can already make a positive balance: there are great grapes, of a good quality and peaks of excellence for the grapes, picked up, as tradition, in October. The alcoholic content is high but not excessively and always paired with a good acidity level and by interesting phenolic features.

Now that the whole grapes’ amount is in the cellar another path starts: it will last 5 years.

The tastings and tours of the winery are open again, the customers are welcomed in total safety leading them through the discovery of the products of a winery which could seem, at a first sight, just like the others Tuscan wineries, but that it actually hides a different and ambitious project, from its grounds up.

In fact, in La Serena, everything has its peculiar uniqueness, just like the cellar’s structure itself: it was built 17 years ago following the bio-architecture’s principles on a project by the Architect Marcello Mantengoli, Andrea’s brother.

The wines, old and new, rest in a structure that is in harmony with its landscape, built respecting the surrounding environment with bricks, travertine and a geothermal system that allows the same constant temperature, in each and every season.

And while Andrea and Elisabetta are wainting for you in the winery for a journey to discover their story, they can also finally think about attending some events, if compatible with this new reality we are living. The next stage will be the 29th edition of the Merano Wine Festival “back to the roots”, Bio&Dynamic session.

The respect for the land and the nature has always been one of the guiding principles of the winery that became reality in 2010 with organic certification, which has sealed practices supported and handed down for generations. Because doing organic farming today means mixing research, knowledge and practice. Continuous research of agronomic and oenological practices, aimed at the knowledge and awareness of the potential of the land from which we work with constant and daily activities to obtain a unique product