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Cantina La Serena: Naturally Montalcino

A family’s profound and rooted philosophy that imprint in wine its deep and recognizable mark

Once upon a time there was a father who worked in the vineyards and put the basis for a winery whose core is Brunello. And there is the next generation, who can navigate the web jungle and in step with the times are ready to take bites out of the future. 

But what about these days? “We are the in-between generation – says Andrea Mantengoli, owner of the winery – we are a little bit taken for granted, we are the fathers’ children and the children’s fathers, neither old enough to represent tradition, nor young enough to understand future (or that’s what they think, and they are wrong!). But we are those who continue an invaluable patrimony and we are perfectly conscious of what we are holding on our hands”. 

The in-between generation is the ideal definition for many winegrowers of our times, who works to carry on their family patrimony, navigating among always changing climatic conditions and the necessity to make themselves known in the world through a peculiar distinguishing mark. At Cantina La Serena, the in-between generation is represented by Andrea Mantengoli. And he may represent this passing through generation but his ideas are clear and definite and can be summarized in these few words: “During these years we did not sit back and rest on our laurels –Andrea says – we made important investments and we have understood well that it is impossible to survive driving slowly but it is necessary to push on the gas pedal. So, we have bought new pieces of land, exploiting each cultivation of our territory, leaded by the revolutionary idea of bringing our farm back to life. We have built our new cellar, equipping it with technologies that could help our work without betraying our origins. We are small producers that cultivate our land with organic methods, and we are proud and conscious of the value of our land. For these reasons we have always been working to protect our tradition and the authentic taste of our territory. We make our wine in the vineyards: to make high quality wine isn’t a simply oenological activity. It’s an agronomic activity based on care, respect, experimentation and research of a balance in the vineyard first, and then in wine too. We firmly believe that there must be a mutual cooperation between winemaker and territory and not the supremacy of one over the other. To make wine we have to accompany its process of transformation and not to operate on it following passing trends and pretending to be able to do better what nature has always been doing. That’s what we like to call our “industrious not-doing”. 

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