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New milestone for La Serena: it has been added to FIVI’s wineries

La Serena, a winery in Montalcino, is now officially one of the FIVI’s wineries. An achievement that further certifies its commitment to authenticity and sustainability

Behind every great wine, there is a great story. And today, that of La Serenawinery is enriched with a new and important page. The Montalcino winery, in fact, is now officially one of the member wineries of FIVI, the Italian Federation of Independent Winemakers. “We believe in a viticulture that not only protects the territory, but also manages it in a sustainable way for an increasingly close man-nature relationship,” the winery explains. 

I have never liked classifications, the need to categorize, to label. Our work is made of balances, shades, and nuances that are often diminished in classification. 

Yet, I felt comfortable from the description of winemaker who defends the land, cultivates his vineyard and harvests his grapes. And although the decision to be part of such an organization was a long and thoughtful one, being one of the Italian FIVI wineries today fills us with pride: we share the values of the Federation and are committed to a more caring management.” 

Today we talk a lot about commitment, respect, but very often the regulations have more the aspect of relieving the consciousness of the business behind. 

Industry and businesses follow different dynamics with respect to the territory, the origins and the wine that is not a simple drink nor even a raw material.

Our wine, once in the glass, encompasses a world of sunrises and sunsets of work, of days marked by the search for that quality that makes one feel good. 

From the beginning, the focus of Andrea, the owner of La Serena, has been on the land. “At the basis of our philosophy is the desire to get in tune with our vineyards and work only when needed. Only by recognizing the value of each of our actions can we work respecting it. It is a matter of balance.”

La Serena’s commitment to sustainability

The world is discussing and mobilizing for sustainable development on the economic, environmental and social levels, including major institutions. And then there is the organic choice, understood as a consumer personal choice, but also as an agricultural practice that defends the climate and protects biodiversity.

This is an important commitment, in which many companies have been investing and strongly believing for many years. Two realities that would seem to be looking in the same direction, but which, instead, often generate confusion and even strong debates. 

I find myself in agreement with the latest FIVI requests: admitting organic-certified wines, like ours, and biodynamic ones in the single certificate of sustainability. Given the more restrictive criteria, this represents a very important first step in providing clarity. 

Perhaps we should be more interested in substance than classification by avoiding chasing double certifications, theoretical constructs and bureaucratic implants.

Being a FIVI winemaker: a commitment and a mission

The decision to join Fivi is, as mentioned, the continuation of a very precise choice made by the winery some time ago: that of respecting the territory and dialoguing with it, in a relationship of love and sharing that animates the winery itself.

Independent winemakers are those who follow production and winemaking from the vineyard to the bottle. This is also what happens at La Serena where every moment is important and is accompanied step by step, by attention and love knowing that every action has an effect: on our Brunello, on our environment, on our lives. 

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