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The visit to the cellar in Montalcino takes visitors on an experience that tells not only its wines, but also its history and identity

Visit to the cellar a Montalcino to La Serena: when wine tourism
becomes discovery

The winery from Montalcino leads its guests towards an experience to discover not only its wines, but also its story and identity

The discovery of a territory, the discovery of a profession but also the discovery of all of those small gestures which are able to bring a new bottle of wine to life. This is way more than a simple visit to a Montalcino winery, it rather is an authentic experience showing you what it really means to make wine. This is the goal that the Mantengoli family has been trying to accomplish when it opened its winery’s doors to guests. It is a journey that won’t stop with the wine tasting, it will go deeper so to tell the philosophy, the effort, and the ethos which are behind the idea of viticulture supported by the winery. These ideas have their synthesis in respect for the territory, as it is also one of the key points of the winery’s cellar, which was built according to the principles of bio-architecture, being one of its flagships. 

The story of a territory 

A visit to a Montalcino’s winery has to start from the territory and its history. And the structure of the winery La Serena, so distinctive and unique, is perfect for this kind of tale. “Our guests are faced with a building which is perfectly blended with the landscape- Andrea Mantengoli says- and all around, our vineyards surround the area. The cellar, as a matter of fact, has been built in the early 2000s according to the principles of bio-architecture: it features shapes that harmoniously blend with the landscape and colors which complement the ones of the territory of Montalcino, and of course natural materials. In order to understand our wines, one has to get to know also the ideas which are inspiring them. A tasting is not enough: an immersive experience is needed.”

Just like La Serena also the area of Montalcino is bonded with its territory and its story. This has also been shown by the last project by the Consorzio Brunello di Montalcino: il Tempio del Brunello, which was presented to the press over the last few days. “Montalcino celebrates its culture and its unique heritage in the name of its flagship wine- that’s what they say at the winery- it is a unique event that will be a must to attend for the ones who will be coming to visit our city”

The tour of the Cellar

Once seen the cellar’s outside, the inside will be visited, in a journey among rooms halls, and aging rooms. But also the entrance is really remarkable and it tells the winery’s story with a fresco painting which retraces its more important steps from 1933 to the present. “We will bring the guest in a tour which has been thoroughly studied and, more importantly, narrated, because we want that he or she will be enriched by this experience. We work so that our guests won’t just have the memory of a nice tour of the cellar, similar to the ones they had before, but rather of a real experience that enriched them on a more personal level. We also hope that they leave with all of their questions answered, but also with more knowledge than they had before.”

The Tasting on the tower

This is one of the most evocative moments of the whole journey. The Brunello di Montalcino and Rosso di Montalcino tastings will take place in the first floor of the tower. Here the landscape is amazing with Mount Amiata, Montalcino, and Pienza, and the lights of Siena in the background that one can see during the clearest summer nights. A magical moment that is the perfect ending of a tour starting there when the vine is born and ending with a glass of wine. 

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