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An illustration to tell the story of the La Serena winery in Montalcino and wish happy holidays

There are many ways to tell your story: the La Serena di Montalcino winery does so, too, through a prestigious illustration within the company.

There are many ways to tell your story: the La Serena di Montalcino winery does so, too, through a prestigious illustration within the company.

“Words are not my forte, they never were. I have always preferred to tell about myself through my wines – says Andrea Mantengoli of the La Serena winery, in the heart of Montalcino – That may be why I found the idea of ​​the fresco fantastic. A special way to tell our story. Immediate and effective. Because sometimes words just don’t help ”.

The history of the fresco

“The tasting room – says Marcello Mantengoli, architect who designed the cellar – was the perfect place to tell our story: it is here that we are more inclined to tell each other with customers. When Andrea and I had the idea of ​​frescoing the wall, I immediately thought of Carlotta Parisi, a multifaceted artist who was experimenting precisely with this complex technique.

Not a mural, but a painting, that of good fresh, in which the colors are diluted in water and spread over a still fresh plaster. In this way, the reaction of the carbonation of the lime takes place, or a sort of fusion between the lime of the plaster and the carbon of the air, which leads to the fixing of the colors until they are insoluble “.

“I accepted with pleasure the invitation of Marcello, a longtime friend – says Carlotta – and I thought for a long time about what was the best way to represent the winery. The idea was to outline the history of the Mantengoli family. To reconstruct it, I spoke to the whole family, listened to stories and tried to best interpret the essence of the tradition itself. On the project I worked with a very good colleague, Marta Farina, an illustrator with a long experience.

We have worked for a long time; the horizontal representation of a chronological period that affected the entire history of the La Serena winery in Montalcino represented a great challenge. I started with my great-grandfather, thanks to the story of Iva, mother of Andrea and Marcello, with the two twins who, over the years, have differentiated their paths to find themselves crossing again right here, in this company that represents the fulcrum of family. It is here that the two return each bringing their own baggage: Marcello’s architectural knowledge and Andrea’s love for the land. I chose to do it immediately, with a horizontal representation of the story: from great-grandparents to the next generation. From the land, from which everything is born, to the breathtaking race between the rows.

From that seed which is the starting point, to the butterfly that comes out of the track and projects itself out. But it does so by taking with it all the wealth that only solid foundations can offer “.

The winery has decided to tell its fresco in these days. And it does so on the occasion of holidays, such special holidays that once again see us, at least partially, separated.

Parties in which the warmth of a hug is again denied, emphasizing once again the loneliness of modern times and the lack of empathic connection, despite the constant digital connection we find ourselves in.

His wishes for happy holidays, the La Serena winery does just that, wishing everyone a return to the seed, to that old and authentic value that only a sincere bond can offer, together with a sense of warmth that comes from a present happiness, but not heralded.

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